Friday Fancies: Olympic Edition

We’ve watched shamefully little of the Olympic games since Opening Ceremonies, but there is no shortage of media to enjoy outside the games themselves.

Before the festivities were quite underway, Banksy had made his mark with a few timely pieces in London. The pole vaulter above – “Going for Mould” – is accompanied by a javelin thrower hurling a missile and a child stitching Union Jack bunting. Images can be found on Banksy’s site, and The Daily Mail has more details. (image credit: Banksy)

Photographer Cody Hamilton was also feeling the Olympic Spirit – we love the simplicity of the colored masking tape dangling from the wall, and the effect when viewed on an angle. Be sure to check out more of Cody’s work; prints of the Olympic Rings can be purchased at Mammoth & Company. (image credit: Cody Hamilton)

The flow of images from the games is incessant – Big Picture has yet again saved the day, curating some of the greatest shots (of the greatest shots) of the games. If you, too, have been feeling overwhelmed, head here for a peaceful overview in pictures. (image credit: Big Picture)

Friday Fancies Trivia Bonus: art competitions were included in the early years of the modern Olympics! Read all about the history of art in the Games, impress your friends.

Let the weekend begin!

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