Time Travel

As time flying has become the new normal, I’ve tried to keep from commenting on it – but this week really did get away from us. For the moment, wedding invitations and two authors’ websites are keeping us occupied, and our next two weekends involve 36+ hours of car travel. (Here’s to adventures!)

We recently gave up on more complex project management systems, and have reverted to a simple, concise google doc for tracking next steps; for everything else, I’ve lately been relying on TeuxDeux. Somehow, having every necessary task laid out has made time move even more swiftly while also helping me to get more out of it.

Through all of this, I’ve been pondering time and time management quite a bit as of late – and so, these artists piqued my interest.

Susanna Hertrich’s Chrono-Shredder continuously shreds a rolled paper calendar, depositing the remnants of a physical manifestation of time passed on the floor of its installation space. In various locations, these pieces has consumed the years of 2007 through the present. For more work from Susanna, head to her portfolio. (image credit: Susanna Hertrich)

Oscar Diaz also reflects on the unstoppable nature of time, adding a note of indelibility. Diaz’s Ink Calendar is constructed of contiguous paper numerals representing a month, calibrated so that ink is continuously soaked into the paper at a rate of one date per 24 hours. This seems a finnicky business – but the concept is interesting, and the results visually stunning. For more, visit Oscar Diaz Studio’s portfolio. (image credit: Oscar Diaz Studio)

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