From A Distance

We’ve already put some distance between ourselves and Boston Fashion Week; it took some time to catch up after all of the running about, time spent in transit (not biking is the worst), late(r than usual) nights and gratis cocktails.

We’ve survived mostly unscathed. We ended up skipping the Globe’s Head Above Fashion after-party on Monday in favor of a Nerd Nite lineup including the Evolution of Endurance Running. (No regrets.)

Tuesday saw us at The Tent. The Lily & Migs collection was a delight, and the energy for the M. Miller show was impressive. Good times were had by all, and the L’Espalier cheese plate between shows was an excellent choice.

Wednesday: re-fuel.

Thursday was spent scoring some fabulous finds at the Swapaholics’ Sip & Swap.

Friday rounded out BFW at Boston En Vogue.

Sunday, we mixed it up with a bit of the Honk! Festival. (I have a soft spot for sousaphones.)

It’s been real, BFW – see you next time!

image credits: 1-Boston En Vogue, then Instagram; 2-9-Union Jack Creative

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