Of Shamrocks and Sundays

Our weekend was a delightful melange of St. Patrick’s festivities, 90’s night, long runs and one very productive Sunday at home.

In accordance with tradition among our friends, we started off our St. Patty’s celebration on Saturday with a tour at Sam Adams, followed by food, beer, more food, more beer and some homemade Irish cream as we took the party to our place.

On Sunday, after we cleaned up the mess left behind from the night before, we spent the better part of the day pricing proposals, building a new (not quite finished) portfolio for UJC and working out a few kinks on the Kate Runs thank you notes for me to send to donors.

I think they turned out rather nicely, don’t you?

One thought on “Of Shamrocks and Sundays

  1. Mutti says:

    I think they turned out very nice, and welcome back UJC! I’ve missed you…as much as I enjoy Kateruns. Is the Irish Cream bottle empty?

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