Friday Fancies (Saturday Edition)

Happy Saturday! Friday Fancies slipped through the cracks yesterday, but we were so excited about the opening of Canary Square this weekend that it seemed worthwhile to post today rather than wait for next week.

Brought to us by the people behind Allston’s Common Ground and the South End’s Coda, Canary Square has been undergoing some serious structural renovation since Alchemist vacated the space this spring. Windows have been added, walls torn down and the entire bar moved to the opposite side of the space.

Jack and I had enjoyed the Alchemist – but we got a chance to experience the new digs firsthand last night, and the improvement is remarkable.  Canary Square boasts a full bar, an impressive beer selection, an atmosphere difficult to find anywhere else in JP and opens fully this Sunday; we can’t wait to go back and try out the food. (image credit: Union Jack Creative)

Also striking our fancy this week is obsessive compulsive blog Things Organized Neatly. Featuring an endless stream of well-organized photos culled from the far reaches of the internet and a hefty dose of reader submissions, the blog’s posts range from intriguing mechanical arrangements to simply lovely aesthetics, and rouse the occasional giggle. Get your OCD fix and explore the wide-ranging interpretations of “things organized neatly.” (image credit: Porsche, via Things Organized Neatly)

Throughout the month of November Movember, all sorts of campaigns calling for support of prostate cancer research crop up, but we’ve never found one quite so clever as this Mustaches Make a Difference campaign run in Singapore. Created by TBWA, the campaign features iconic figures with and without their mustaches – Einstein is propelled from geriatric to genius with the addition of his mustache, Hulk Hogan from white trash to world champ. Take a look at the full campaign for a chuckle, and learn more about the significance of the mustache to Movember at the Movember Foundation site. (image credits: Ads of the World)

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