Boston Bricks

Phew! It’s been a busy few weeks, which has translated to a slower pace for the blog – but we had our first free Sunday in weeks, along with some time to make a few adjustments to the site, and we’re back in business.

We also spent a portion of our free day wandering the streets of Boston in search of street art, and happened upon the Boston Bricks installation downtown.

Any Bostonian who has ever found themselves traipsing about in stilettos while trying to hail a cab at 2:00 in the morning (not I, of course) is well aware of the ubiquitous brick sidewalks found in our town. They destroy shoes, overturn ankles and make shoveling mostly ineffective – but they’re so darn quaint, we keep them around.

The Boston Bricks installation, featuring a smattering of bronze bricks amidst the red, was installed circa 1985. Due to their location slightly off the beaten path, these works of art commemorating some of Boston’s finest quirks (and also, the Cold War) have held up quite well. If ever you find yourself in the neighborhood, take a few moments to watch where you’re walking.

The two artists responsible for these bronze bricks have both continued their work in public art installations – Kate Burke’s bronze manhole covers feature Minnesota history in Minneapolis, and another of Greg LeFevre’s bronze works, highlighting Boston’s Harbor Islands, can be found outside the city’s federal courthouse.

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