Adventures in Microcenter

Last night, Jack and I ventured into the depths of Microcenter. Good deals aside (as Jack puts it, “it’s as cheap as the internet”) the place is notoriously creepy for all women who enter, and I make sure to stick close to Jack every time; nearly every female in the store can be seen literally clinging to their better halves.

Never one of my favorite adventures, last night went like this:

Jack [looking at wireless whats-its]: Let’s talk about specs…

Kate: …baby?

Jack: What?

Kate: …Let’s talk about you, and me?

[blank stare]

Kate: See what I did there? Eh?…C’mon, it was funny.

Microcenter Employee [attempting to be helpful]: That’s a great nailpolish color!

Kate: Oh, thanks!

Microcenter Employee: …I look at hands all day.

And on that note, some relevant Salt N Pepa for your day.

(image credit: Splotchy)

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