Friday Fancies

Who’s ready for a long weekend? We are! In honor of Earl, please have yourself a Dark n’ Stormy while checking out some things that caught our attention this week; in honor of us, please keep your fingers crossed we don’t get washed away en route to Maine.

I was enamored of Mark Khaisman’s work before I realized what the primary medium was; when I realized his portaits are comprised entirely of packing tape, I couldn’t get enough.

Though it’s hard to tell from the finished, backlit works, the installation image above provides some insight to Khaisman’s process that changes the context in which you view his entire portfolio. (image credits: Mark Khaisman)

I’ve been paying more attention to Tumblr lately, and one of my favorite recent finds is the Startup Quote! blog, featuring “daily wisdom about startups.” Michael Arrington’s words of wisdom rang particularly true in my mind, and I intend to remind myself often: mistakes will not lead to our being eaten by lions. For more wisdom, check out the full Startup Quote! blog. (image credit: Startup Quote!)

Teo Geo’s cut leather jewelry inspired a bit of jealousy; why didn’t I think of that? Nonetheless, I’m smitten with this leather branch necklace I discovered on Etsy. I can only imagine that with wear, the leather would become more supple and lay even more nicely on a lucky collarbone. You can find more Teo Geo designs on Etsy, ranging from earrings to cuffs to collars. (image credit: Teo Geo)

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