Friday Fancies

Oh, hello Friday. You caught be by surprise there, totally snuck up on me. 

This week has been a whirlwind of new art  – I found a few new blogs, a few new Tumblr friends and a few new sources, and suddenly my monitor overfloweth with visual stimulation. So, for this Friday, it seemed only fitting that our fancies reflect our new finds. 

 Melbourne-based Emma Leonard caught my eye this week with her soft, wispy and beautifully detailed portraits. I was initially drawn in by a print of the piece about for sale in her Etsy shop, but it turns out Emma keeps a blog of her work as well. Prints of her work are reasonably priced, and even if you aren’t shopping you should swing by and check out more of her lovely art. (image credit: Emma Leonard) 

Sean Hemmerle is no rookie to his craft; the New York-based photographer has traveled the world over shooting for an impressive clientele. What caught my eye, though, was his series of Rust Belt photographs – the image above was taking at a Detroit theatre-turned-parking lot. Sean’s work has a mystique about it, capturing the dust and decay while highlighting the details that once made these spaces magnificent. Be sure to check out his entire Rust Belt series and other projects in his portfolio. (image credit: Sean Hemmerle) 


I’m jealous of…The Jealous Curator. The premise of her blog is that great art leaves the viewer inspired, but also jealous of the artist for thinking of it first; along these lines, I am jealous of the concept of the entire blog. The Jealous Curator uncovers some amazing things, and I’ll admit to having featured a few of her finds here (see: Rune Guneriussen) and, with the internet as her never-ending gallery space, The Jealous Curator gets to share it all. This blog has rapidly become a daily must-read for me – go, see for yourself! (image credit: The Jealous Curator)

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