Friday Fancies

Whew! Where did this week go? And while we’re at it, July? This weekend will be our first spent entirely in Massachusetts all month, and I can’t wait. We’ve got a couple of really exciting projects to work on – so exciting, we’re pondering staying in on a Friday night just to get started.

And so, as we roll right into August, here’s to Friday!

Anouk Kruithof is a Dutch artist who, until 2008, worked primarily in photography. In the past few years, she has migrated some of her talents to installation and performance art, with astounding results. The wall of books photography above (Enclosed) is one manifestation of a travelling installation, which forms a different kaleidoscope of colored book edges each time Kruithof reassembles it. You can find other incarnations, a making-of video and other works in her full portfolio. (image credit: Anouk Kruithof)

Though I do fancy the work of Heike Weber pictured here, I’m even more fond of Erin Loechner’s blog as a whole. Quite a few new-to-me artists that I’ve considered featuring here caught my eye initially when featured on Design for Mankind, so really, credit is long overdue. I can’t imagine how Erin finds such a consistent stream of amazing work, but I’m very grateful. Add her to your blogroll, or follow her on Twitter, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. (image credit: Heike Weber)

Lastly, friends, a slightly different Friday Fancy – this Sunday, August 1st, Berklee professor Ron Reid and guest Jazz Robertson will take to Highland Park on Roxbury’s Fort Hill for a ParkARTS outdoor jazz festival. We’ve heard rave reviews of this annual event, but last year’s festival happened just prior to our move to the neighborhood. This year, we’ve already grown very fond of our local park, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world. If you’re interested in checking it out as well, bring a blanket and a picnic, and come say hello! Jazz Robertson kicks things off at 5:00pm. (image credit: Night Owl City)

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