Fabulous Fabrics

This fantastic upholstery was spotted in our booth at a restaurant in Brattleboro a few weeks ago – a bit boisterous for some applications, yes, but it was an excellent fit for the space.

For what it’s worth, their restroom was also a stunning shade of dark, dark plum. We’re a bit purple obsessed at the moment, as we try to pick a shade for the Union Jack Creative logo – Pantone and CMYK and monitor calibration, oh my!

But, the fabric. Since ours was the only booth utilizing this particular design, I feel like it’s an example of an excellent find in a remnants bin at a local fabric store. My favorite spot for such things in Boston is Winmill Fabrics. Do you keep a stash of great fabrics (like mine, which drives Jack a bit crazy)? Do you have a favorite source for especially lovely finds?

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