Angular Art

I’ve come to notice that, as of late, there’s been a pattern in the styles of art catching my eye. And it’s a very geometric pattern.

Starting with the collage work of Daniel Backman, my list of links to artist portfolios discovered in the past few weeks has grown too long – and so, I present a compilation of angular art. It is by no means an exhaustive listing of this style of work – and please, share more if you have it! – but merely a look at a few artists who have recently caught my eye, and who happen to demonstrate similar angular qualities in their works.

Phil Ashcroft creates abstract landscapes in acrylic, and pushes that media to do extraordinary things. Dune (top) and Krypton (above) are particularly appealing to me, but his whole portfolio– including some interesting lightbox pieces – is worth a look.

Matt Moore of MWM Graphics created the piece above, along with several works on canvas, for his Crystals & Lasers show in Paris this spring. These works in spraypaint are a tangible manifestation of his self-titled “vectorfunk” style of illustration, and they make it very easy for the viewer to get lost in the midst of a multitude of vanishing points. Matt’s angular art isn’t limited to canvas and murals – last August he was featured in a show at Somerville’s Chorus Gallery (run by the kind gents at Open Bicycle), for which he hand-painted five bikes. Check out more of Matt’s multi-disciplinary skills on the MWM Graphics site.

Liesl Pfeffer, photographer and photo-media artist, creates darling landscape collages using a variety of images and materials. I’m rather a fan of the jagged, mountainous pieces in particular, constructed of photos of greenery and clouds. Take a look at more of Liesl’s collages and street photography in her portfolio.

Andy Vogt utilizes salvaged materials and deteriorating spaces to create captivating sculptures and site-specific installations. I’m smitten, and would love the opportunity to examine some of his work in person. You should definitely see more of Andy’s work, especially the site-specific installations, in his portfolio.

What do you think? Have you any artists to share with us? We’d love to see more!

image credits: 1-Matthew Blaney for Phil Ashcroft; 2-Anthony Lam for Phil Ashcroft; 3-Matt Moore; 4-Lisel Pfeffer; 5-Andy Vogt

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