Friday Fancies

We have a date with the alpine slide at Bromley this evening, despite still having bug bites from last weekend’s adventures. But first! Enjoy a few things that have stricken our fancy this week.

Photographer Piero Martinello produces some stunning portraiture, but one project in particular caught my eye as I perused his portfolio. Titled Faces of Money,  this series is a more whimsical portrait set, looking at the detailed renderings of heros and historical figures found amid common currency worldwide.

From the artist:

A glimpse into the relations between history, economy, and national identities. We take paper money as granted as the cold, stylized faces of leaders and public figures on it. A closer look, however, reveals charming subtleties and intricate works of art.

More of Martinello’s work can be found in his online portfolio. (image credit: Piero Martinello)

Geek-chic couple Nicholas and Angelamay have a robot problem, but the one-of-a-kind sculptural friends they create from thrifted treasures and antiquing finds have clearly filled a niche. The duo not only keep a robot-centric blog, but feature updates on the travels of their beloved bots in their new homes and sell additional robot accoutrement, from shirts to prints to bags. Check out the robots currently up for adoption, and browse past work at their Nerdbots site. (image credit: Nerdbots)

We realize not everyone bikes like us, we really do – but we were stunned by the offerings of Portland-based Walnut Studio. The gorgeous leather bar wraps above come with instructions on how to sew them in place, and other offerings in their Etsy store include leather U-lock holsters, bags to strap onto saddle rails and a rather brilliant cupholder to mount on handlebars. There may have been some salivation. Check out more of their beautiful work on Etsy. (image credit: Walnut Studio)

Have a lovely weekend!

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