Friday Fancies

We’ve got a bit of catching up to do in the blogosphere – it’s dangerous when Google reader hits the “1000+ unread” mark, after all. The volume of new material is a bit overwhelming for the moment, so I took a peek through my favorites and bookmarks to rediscover a few oldies-but-goodies that struck my fancy once before, and still do.

Meredith Dittmar does some incredible things with polymer clay; these works are a far cry from the Sculpey masterpieces of my childhood. Her three-dimensional works are haunting and sweet with an edge of harsh geometry. Beyond her large sculptures, Meredith releases smaller, freestanding figurines for a fraction of the cost. No matter the context, the characters she creates are endearing and provoking. (image credit: Meredith Dittmar)

While eating breakfast in Miami this week, of course, I noticed that the centerpiece on our table featured an air plant. Jack was intrigued; he’d never heard of such a thing. I, for my part, had long thought them the ideal solution to my inability to remember to water our plants, but had never seen one in person.

Fortuitously, when glancing back through my favorited sellers on Etsy, I happened upon the wares of TortoiseLovesDonkey. Caitlin Keen creates elegantly simple terrariums and air plant arrangements, at very reasonable prices. These unique pieces would be beautiful in any setting, require very minimal maintenance and should certainly be conversations starters to boot! I promptly ordered one for our apartment. (image credit: TortoiseLovesDonkey)

Liz Libre of Linda & Harriett is well-established as a stationery designer; her birthday calendars are pure genius in my book. Some recent additions to the Linda & Harriett blog – one that I’ve followed for some time – have made it all the more appealing. A new series titled About Town allows Liz to feature some new-to-her haunts in New York that she is particularly fond of. The inaugural post featured popsicle gelateria pop bar, and after one look at Liz’s images, I’m dying to check it out and can’t wait to see where else she goes. (image credit: Linda & Harriet)

Help catch us up – what are you fancying this week?

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