A Good Sit

We’ve been thinking quite a bit about our space lately, as we work to get Union Jack Creative formally up and running. Beyond a fresh coat of paint, though, we’ve started to consider layout – and ours is not ideal. Inconsistent internet aside (a point to be rectified…soon?), I have a tendency to need to be curled up with sketchbooks, magazines, a laptop and a pile of assorted art supplies to do my best work. The catch? The sofa that is my current station makes it far too easy for me to fall asleep when working late at night.


Jack, who does his best work at 3:00 in the morning, can’t quite understand my propensity for dozing off at 11:00, but leaping out of bed in the morning. We’re different creatures, clearly. Regardless, what I’d really love is to curl up in a lovely, slightly loungy chair. One that will allow me space to cross my legs into lotus, and still not be a challenge to crawl out of when I need a break. One that is relaxing and cozy, but keeps me sitting upright so I’m less likely to catch a few winks. One just like the mid-century beauties in the black+white living room from The Brick House, above.


 Or perhaps a classic Bertoia would do? The above is beloved by Sue Hawkins, but I wonder if I could sit in one for hours – certainly, I’d be willing to try.

My chair lust is, at the moment, a bit in vain given the constraints on space in our apartment and our abundance of existing furniture, primarily sofas. Probably I’ll continue to work at the dining room table when I truly must stay awake. But, while on the topic of wishful thinking, I have to admit to being rather fond of Roeland Otten’s ABChair prototypes – quite fun, yes? I’m partial to the K, of course, but I think the S looks rather lovely as well.

How do you do your best work? Am I alone in my need to be curled up cross-legged to be comfortable? Do you have a favorite chair to suggest? Let us know in the comments, or email me at kate@unionjackcreative.com!

2 thoughts on “A Good Sit

  1. G says:

    I think it was in that documentary about industrial design (Objectified) where someone said that human beings have been sitting down for thousands upon thousands of years, so there really is no excuse for a poorly designed chair. You just reminded me of that.

    As far as chairs themselves go, I definitely believe in chairs you can sit in cross-legged. I have a more “generous” proportion than either of you, so for me this usually means those circle-y chairs you see all the time in dorms. However, they take up a LOT of unnecessary space and are only available in one color: ugly. The combination of wicker and cheap cushion fabric doesn’t really invoke a comfortable workspace.

    So I’d recommend some sort of armchair, with a wide enough seat so you can either balance your knees on the arms for maximum support. Personally, I’m pretty restless and change position a lot, so I’d add an ottoman as well.

  2. kate says:

    @G , so true – I abandoned my beloved dish chair in the basement of Saint Stephen Street dorms, hoping it would find a good home. I do really love the Danish chairs in the top picture, I think that could work well, with an ottoman. So lovely.

    An adorable post about the equally ubiquitous butterfly chairs that I came across, in the style of an entomologist: http://www.annesage.com/blog/2010/05/chairs-of-the-world-the-butterfly-chair.html Very worth the read.

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