Mission: Impossible

This pretty much sums up how we’re feeling about Union Jack Creative at the moment – we have no shortage of grandiose (and sometimes vague) plans, but last night saw us tackling a timeline and some concrete steps for moving forward. Over a bottle of wine and two giant bowls of salad, of course.

Ultimately, though, there’s a great surge of energy involved in this endeavor right now, with the site (after several versions) finally up and some projects in progress; this is the momentum we hope to keep up.

Have you ever undertaken a project that had you so excited, you could hardly decide where to start or manage to focus on anything else? (Making dinner seemed like such a waste of precious time last night…) How did you focus, and could you still manage to maintain that momentum? Tell us about it!

(image via shewaseverything, artpixie)

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