By Way of Introduction


Jack and Kate enjoy contemporary art, theatre, bicycles, building things, world travel, garlic and NPR. We think we’re a pretty good team. We’re night-owls. Sometimes, we doodle; oftentimes, on cocktail napkins at The Savant Project.

By day, Jack is the Director of Technology at Mass Energy; Kate is the Operations Coordinator at Mintz Levin. This keeps us busy, but we’re pretty confident we have skills that could prove useful outside of our current environments. Jack longs to do more web and graphic design work; Kate craves motivation to inject more creativity into daily life.

We’re still working on getting the new Union Jack Creative site up and running, since some other projects have taken priority as of late. We’ve decided instead to start posting more regularly on Tumblr to get things rolling – expect to see images and inspirations from around the web as we nail down what we’d like to work on next.

(image credit: cait madden)

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