Home Love Letter (homeloveletter.com)

Even though the love letter adds a personal touch to your real estate offer, at its core, this is a business letter, like a cover letter during the job search. So it’s important to touch on the right details.

The templates on Home Love Letter will walk you through all the details you should consider. They are inspired by effective real-world offer letters that won clients their homes.

In home buying, a “love letter,” also known as an offer letter, is your chance to spell out why you are drawn to a property, your motivations, and your intentions in a personal way. It demonstrates your seriousness about making the deal happen—which is exactly what Sellers want to see.

Your real estate agent or Realtor will advocate for you during the home buying process, but a love letter is your chance to pitch your offer directly to the Seller. In a competitive market, making that pitch, and making it fast, can make all the difference.

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