When we began working on the Dulchinos wedding suite, the couple knew that they wanted a monogram that they could use beyond their wedding day. We worked on designs with a slew of existing fonts and scoured books of vintage ciphers and monograms, but nothing was quite right; ultimately, Kate sat down with a sketchbook and scrawled loops and curls until a shape emerged that we were all excited about. Jack scanned the sketch and recreated the shape in Illustrator, evening the curves and balancing the shapes.

This file was used throughout the couple’s wedding suite, on shirts and in the bride’s designs as well: for more photos and details on the design process, visit the blog post here. To request your own custom monogram or cipher, email us at shop@unionjackcreative.com.

  • Project Type: Lettering, Print Design
  • Deliverable: Digital File, Custom Monogram
  • Project Year: 2012