The Tip of the Iceberg: Zaria Forman

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I’ve seen Zaria Forman’s work before; you might have also, scrolling past it online, assuming it to be striking photographs. What brought me back yesterday was an instagram photo of a work in progress. Zaria Forman works in pastels. I … Continued

The Life of a Bauble

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Jack and I tend toward a minimalist approach to holiday decoration – we’ve got a wreath and a poinsettia, and we break out the gold accent pieces for New Years, but our many past apartments and time spent out of the city … Continued

Art for a Grey Day: Tang Kwok-hin

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This morning was a dreary one, warmer than recent days but with a fine mist that mixed with more mature raindrops as I rode to work. I’ve had this series of collages from Tang Kwok-hin bookmarked since it caught my … Continued

E. Brady Robinson: Art Desks

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As we work at finishing out our awkward alcove so that I can move my work away from the dining room table, photographer E. Brady Robinson is fueling my work space envy. Art Desks is a book and ongoing project capturing gorgeous … Continued


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Halloween is one of Jack’s very favorite holidays: he loves the costumes, the trick-or-treaters and the festivities. I really love the dark spin the season brings out in art and design. As Halloween approaches, a few new-to-us pieces with a seasonally … Continued

Friday Fancies

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We’re heading into a working weekend (watch instagram for more pictures of paintbrushes – the thrill of it!), but we’re kicking back tonight for Thelma and Louise with friends (strictly costume research, with cocktails). Before you log off for the weekend, … Continued

Doing the Dirty Work

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There are some really fun parts of running a creative business and renovating a house. There are some really great things about living in Boston and eating and drinking and socializing in Boston and biking in Boston. There are moments … Continued