Getting Uncomfortable: Art is Suffering

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In the world of inspirational posters and pins, there is much attention given to the idea that one must take on the things that make one uncomfortable: that much of life lies beyond our comfort zones, and that growth can … Continued

Who you gonna call? (New) Ghostbusters!

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Due out in July 2016, the next Ghostbusters movie will be a series reboot – featuring an all-female foursome! Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig have been cast in the spirit-slaying roles, amid much consternation from people … Continued

2015 Holiday Cards and Invitations

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In just a few weeks, it feels like our current winter wonderland has been (and will be) forever – but we’re already in the latter half of February, and spring will come again. Eventually. We’ll keep looking ahead to longer, … Continued

Blizzard Blitz

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Boston is closely watching weather forecasts today as flakes start falling in a “potentially historic” winter storm, and water coolers everywhere are abuzz with nostalgic nods to the infamous (around here) Blizzard of ’78. A Pennsylvania girl myself, the blizzards of 1993 … Continued

Gotham From Above

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I wasn’t going to post anything today. We’ve been working on site copy and updates and drafting content and I figured, for a Friday, it could wait – but this series of New York from (way) above is too amazing … Continued

Life Lately

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We hit the ground running this year, with a new issue of Don’t Take Pictures in the works, more wedding invitations on the docket, and plenty going on around Boston. Here’s a look back at the holiday season and the … Continued

Common Ground: Kevin LCK + Katharine Morling

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This week, apparently, artists creating with unexpected materials are striking a chord for me. In his Ordinary Behavior series, Kevin LCK has constructed dioramas within cardboard and paper models of familiar (if not always thoroughly modern) gadgets. The works are intended to interrupt … Continued

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