Working with Walnut

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When I first started seeing slab tables pop up in design blogs and home magazines in the past few years, my mind went immediately to the coffee table that has graced my parents’ living room for the entirety of my … Continued

Fabulous Fabrics

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This fantastic upholstery was spotted in our booth at a restaurant in Brattleboro a few weeks ago – a bit boisterous for some applications, yes, but it was an excellent fit for the space.

Pin It Forward: Home, Sweet Home

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Home for Jack and me is a constant work in progress, an ongoing lesson in curation. Home is where we entertain, work and (on occasion) relax. Our space serves several functions, and many of those overlap, so we’re constantly on the … Continued

A Good Sit

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We’ve been thinking quite a bit about our space lately, as we work to get Union Jack Creative formally up and running. Beyond a fresh coat of paint, though, we’ve started to consider layout – and ours is not ideal. … Continued

Home Makeover: UJCreative Edition

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UJC was a bit quiet yesterday, it’s true – but rest assured, we were quite occupied, hearts set on (finally) giving our digs a much needed makeover. When we moved in back in September, we were so focused on thrifting … Continued

Feelings on Felt

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Loving the pops of color hidden in the stitching of this white-on-white felt flower collage, and the great variety of textures and flower types constructed with felt. If you’ve never worked with felt before, you really should give it a … Continued

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