Common Ground: Kevin LCK + Katharine Morling

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This week, apparently, artists creating with unexpected materials are striking a chord for me. In his Ordinary Behavior series, Kevin LCK has constructed dioramas within cardboard and paper models of familiar (if not always thoroughly modern) gadgets. The works are intended to interrupt … Continued

Common Ground: Kissed Off

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I’ll go ahead and blame Valentine’s Day for this post—I suggest the squeamish scroll no further. (But it’s just so good.) Jack happened upon this gif last week: a kiss, filmed from inside the mouth of one participant. It’s horrifying, … Continued

Common Ground: HOPEWELL and The Confetti Bar

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As we finalize this our holiday card designs (last-minute, yes, because house) we’ve been thinking festive thoughts. Giant wall confetti caught my eye initially as a potential photo booth backdrop that would be inexpensive and exceedingly simple. (I resisted the urge … Continued

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