Jack and I are headed off on an overnight canoe trip through the wilds of Ipswich, so we won’t get to experience the innaugural ARTCRANK Boston.

artcrank boston // union jack creative


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The Spokesman

For your Saturday, this mini movie from Dean Saffron about James, a bike collector and believer in time capsules.


video credit: Dean Saffron

Safety By Design

Welcome, May! (How did that happen?) Just in time for National Bike Month, I happened upon new-to-me blog Bicycle Graphic Design, and from there, a series of sleek bike safety posters from Thomas Yang of 100copies.

safety by design // union jack creative

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Cycle Style 2.0

When Nathaniel Fink caught Jack on the Southwest Corridor a few weeks ago, it came up in conversation that I bike as well. Nathaniel and I have been trying to find a warm, sunny day to meet up ever since, to counter his streak of wintry bike photos at Cycle Style Boston.

cycle style 2.0 // union jack creative

It was warmer, but not sunny on Tuesday morning when I finally caught up with Nathaniel on Fort Hill for a quick pre-work photo shoot. And, that shipping tube? A Boston via Hopkinton poster, off to a customer – don’t forget to enter our giveaway for one of your own!

Nathaniel had a few follow-up questions after we met, and as it turns out, I have no problem rambling about biking in Boston. (Who knew?) Head to Cycle Style Boston for the full scoop.

Thanks again, Nathaniel! It was a pleasure.

image credit: Nathaniel Fink, via Cycle Style Boston

Cycle Style

Today, Jack’s making an appearance over at Cycle Style Boston.

cycle style boston // union jack creative

Jack and I are both big fans of bicycles, but even I can’t match Jack’s dedication to commuting by bike all year long - I just get sick of the slop sometimes. And lazy. Nathaniel Fink, the local artist and photographer behind Cycle Style Boston, hopes to highlight biking as an everyday activity, and demonstrate the wide variety of “everyday” cyclists in our city. He caught Jack on his ride home on a recent snowy day – check out the full post for more about Jack’s gear and his thoughts on biking in the Hub. Thanks, Nathaniel!

In related news, Hubway stands are out and street cleaning starts soon; springtime riding, we’re ready for you!

image credit: Nathaniel Fink, via Cycle Style Boston

Bicycle Sounds

Happy Monday!

video credit: Stephen Meierding

Required Reading: Bicycle Diaries

It’s still (barely) National Bike Month, and we’re still feeling festive – it seems as if there has been more good news about biking this month than we’ve seen in a while (which is, perhaps, the point), and we’re all for it.


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Born to Bike

For anyone who has ever navigated Boston’s streets on two wheels, it’s painfully obvious that cars are king in our culture – but not so everywhere. In honor of National Bike Month, a peek at this terrific traffic garden in the Netherlands.

This space, built on a smaller scale and populated with pedal-powered cars, serves as a testing ground for kids learning the rules of the road as drivers, cyclists and pedestrians before they can even get behind the wheel. (It looks pretty fun to boot.)

Read more about America’s war between four wheels and two, and why the Netherlands doesn’t have one, over at the Atlantic Cities blog. Need to brush up to do battle on Boston’s streets this summer? Revisit our tips for better biking, too!

Chain Gang

Our love of bikes is well-documented. Our home, however, is conspicuously lacking in any evidence of our two-wheeled ways – aside from the spare set of wheels temporarily living in the office. Despite having artwork in every room, we are completely without creative representations of our beloved bicycle.

Perhaps this is why the work of Yeong-Deok Seo caught my eye this morning.

That, and, it’s just incredibly cool.

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House of the Rising Sun

This weekend, with weather better suited to August than October, we were fortunate to spend time outdoors soaking up some of the last mild sun of the season.

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