One Year, One City

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings and we, like so many in this town, are full of feelings and reflections.

one year, one city // union jack creative

There is so much great coverage out there today (and perhaps we’ll share our favorites another time), but for starters head to the Globe’s One Year, One City.

Take your time, hug your loved ones, and remember: life is a marathon, not a sprint.

image credit: The Boston Globe

Life Lately: Happy Birthday, Jack!


We’ve been riding a long weekend wave of celebrations, and were so fortunate to spend it with so many amazing friends. Jack turned 30, the world kept spinning and we’re cleaning up and moving forward this week. Cheers!

amazing group selfie credit: Geoff Celis

Celebrating Spring: It’s Marathon Season

It’s officially April, and today felt this close to spring. Even if New England weather is refusing to relent, runners the world over have entered their taper for the Boston Marathon; having been one of those runners, early April marks spring and marathon season no matter what. This year is more emotional than most, and I’m not even running.

boston via hopkinton // union jack creative

In honor of the season, we’ve got Boston via Hopkinton posters back up on Etsy and in our shop. Are you running? Know someone who is? We love this poster so much we’ve got them up at home and in the office; maybe you would love one, too. Running for charity? Email and we’ll send you a code for 26% off and free shipping because charity runners are awesome (we’re biased).

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Friday Fancies

This week, we’re smitten with the lovable lamp from Adam Ben-Dror, Pinokio.

Also take a peek at a brilliant Lego calendar from Vitamins, consider the business of fashionable fonts, get lost in Jim Campbell’s sculptural LED light installations and double-check your nail polish collection for buried treasure.

Stay safe, stay dry, and have a great weekend!

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video credit: Adam Ben-Dror, in collaboration with Shanshan Zhou and Joss Doggett

Everyday Letters: Taking Shape at Moo

A little while back, I had the pleasure of stopping by Moo’s Boston offices with Elizabeth for a Design Museum Boston panel. It was a delight.

everyday letters: taking shape at moo // union jack creative

One of our favorite features, though, was the use of letters as decor, and in the shape of the Moo teardrop logo.

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Casual Wedding Calligraphy

Formal, copperplate script calligraphy is a beautiful, elegant and timeless addition to invitations—and we’ve done it!—but it’s labor-intensive and, accordingly, expensive.

casual wedding calligraphy // union jack creative

On the other hand, addressing envelopes yourself can be tedious and frustrating, and printed labels might not have the festive feel you’re looking for. Casual calligraphy is a great option, and I’ve been doing much more of this low-key lettering lately. It’s fun! It’s fancy! It won’t break the bank!

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Life Lately

life lately // union jack creative

1-it might as well be spring; 2-I made a getaway to NYC last weekend; 3-final stages of the wall saga coming soon;

4-lovely letters; 5-bowling for birthdays, just like childhood but with beer; 6-sometimes Jack takes selfies;

7-steppin’ out; 8-more wedding calligraphy; 9-Instacart is saving our lives, lately

image credits: Union Jack Creative

Its Virtue Is Immense

its virtue is immense // union jack creative

On Friday, Jack and I stopped by Lot F Gallery to check out a hand-painted script lettering exhibit opening.

its virtue is immense // union jack creative

ITS VIRTUE IS IMMENSE: A Pre-Vinylite Society Tribute to Script Lettering was curated by Meredith Kasabian of local Best Dressed Signs, and the piece above by Brian Kaspr was an immediate favorite.

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Friday Fancies

Oh hello, weekend.

We’re off to check out a script lettering exhibit curated by Best Dressed Signs, but first!


Have a marvelous weekend!

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video credit: Lot F Gallery

Ombré Apartment

The link came from Jack in gchat: “whoa.”

ombre apartment // union jack creative

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