Life Lately

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It’s finally warmer outside, and work of a less creative persuasion has picked up accordingly – we’ve been planting and patching and repairing winter’s damage, but we fit a quick trip to Miami in before things picked up, too. Here’s what we’ve been … Continued

Moody Florals

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It’s Spring, it’s April – and it’s still brisk and cool in Boston. The snowbanks are receding, though, and a few brave daffodil sprouts have broken through in our front yard; we’re looking forward to the coming changes in our … Continued

UJC is on Pinterest!

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It’s official: Union Jack Creative is now on Pinterest. Jack and Kate have been using the platform for years to collect ideas and inspiration and to help translate clients’ visions into custom designs, but as we shift our focus it … Continued

Getting Uncomfortable: Art is Suffering

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In the world of inspirational posters and pins, there is much attention given to the idea that one must take on the things that make one uncomfortable: that much of life lies beyond our comfort zones, and that growth can … Continued

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