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Blizzard Blitz

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Boston is closely watching weather forecasts today as flakes start falling in a “potentially historic” winter storm, and water coolers everywhere are abuzz with nostalgic nods to the infamous (around here) Blizzard of ’78. A... READ MORE

Gotham From Above

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I wasn’t going to post anything today. We’ve been working on site copy and updates and drafting content and I figured, for a Friday, it could wait – but this series of New... READ MORE

Life Lately

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We hit the ground running this year, with a new issue of Don’t Take Pictures in the works, more wedding invitations on the docket, and plenty going on around Boston. Here’s a look... READ MORE

Common Ground: Kevin LCK + Katharine Morling

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This week, apparently, artists creating with unexpected materials are striking a chord for me. In his Ordinary Behavior series, Kevin LCK has constructed dioramas within cardboard and paper models of familiar (if not always thoroughly modern)... READ MORE