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Friday Fancies

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We’re heading into a working weekend (watch instagram for more pictures of paintbrushes – the thrill of it!), but we’re kicking back tonight for Thelma and Louise¬†with friends (strictly costume research, with cocktails).... READ MORE

Doing the Dirty Work

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There are some really fun parts of running a creative business and renovating a house. There are some really great things about living in Boston and eating and drinking and socializing in Boston... READ MORE

Fit for a Nor’easter: Henrik Uldalen

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If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, but the next couple of¬†days are likely to be misty and grey like today in Boston. When Henrik Uldalen’s oil paintings came across my... READ MORE

Life Lately

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New England summer, you’re a lovely thing. Autumn’s not too shabby either. (Yesterday’s 36 degree morning, however, made me want to throw a tantrum. We’re not ready!) We’ve been tackling house projects so... READ MORE