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Getting Uncomfortable: Art is Suffering

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In the world of inspirational posters and pins, there is much attention given to the idea that one must take on the things that make one uncomfortable: that much of life lies beyond... READ MORE

Throwback Thursday: Vintage Doodles

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In reorganizing our supplies, sketchbooks and work space this week, we came across a few gems. Let the record show: Kate has always been a doodler, and Jack has always been the punniest... READ MORE

Who you gonna call? (New) Ghostbusters!

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Due out in July 2016, the next Ghostbusters movie will be a series reboot – featuring an all-female foursome! Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig have been cast in the... READ MORE

Coffee: Six Degrees of Caffeination

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Ah, Monday. Though I prefer a lazy pot of coffee at home on a Sunday, there is always something special about the first cup of coffee at the office on Monday: it heralds... READ MORE